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Vivocom: Lunch Time Report

RM0.995 with volume at 178M.

What a Warrior Vivocom. A True Blue Super Bull Warrior!

Fearlessly Charging, Surging & Storming through all the gates at the lower levels prices, from RM0.835 up all the way to its morning high of RM1.03 with such swagger, bravado n without any hint of fear or doubts, it speaks volumes about the inherent strength and resilience of the true n pure momentum stock, none other than VIVOCOM!!!

VIVA VIVOCOM. Long Live the Super Bull!!!

V shape V shape V shape Recovery. It did happen right like I said it would.

So what’s should be your next course of action. It’s so crystal clear that Vivocom is a pure play true momentum stock, driven by by pure market forces.

Pure market forces drove it down.Likewise Pure Market forces again can drive it up.

Look at the following from Nov 2nd to 6th & 9th/12th:

2 Nov,Vol144M CL RM0.675

3 Nov Vol 61M CL RM0.745

4 Nov Vol 143M CL RM0.92

5 Nov Vol 84M CL RM1.07

6 Nov Vol 151M CL RM1.00

9 Nov Vol 20M CL RM1.02

10 Nov Vol 65M CL RM1.19

11 Nov Vol 112M CL RM1.39

12 Nov Vol 77M CL RM1.44

13 Nov Vol 69M CL RM1.50

Will the patterns or trends be replicated, only time will tell.

V shape V shape V shape Recovery confirmed. So what are you all still waiting for.

Average down! Average down! Average down!

Technical speaking here are today’s highlights :

1. 6 pips gap up with volume 15.9 million share traded in the first 15 min, forming a red hanging man candle, a mix signal about its early direction n uptrend but once Vivocom’s price crossed above immediate resistance zone (RM0.840-RM0.855), the bull emerged with such dominance and aplomb as if to say, “Here I am again. I bet you guys must have missed my surging runs.”

2. A most exciting n bullish “buying sizzling” candle on 15 min chart also surfaced. It is a mirror of day chart, the moment the price crossed above or below the buying sizzling candle (anchor candle), it will determine the next direction, with the bullish 15 min chart trend also well developed by now !

I am excited and looking at today’s daily candle, if it can close above 50% of today candle length, Vivocom very undoubtedly continue the bull rally recovery.

3. One of the key points I would like to highlight is RM0.855 which was a gap down close two days ago. Trading way above the 85.5 low gives me confidence that the worse is over and we are currently in fresh new uptrend n exciting trading territories.

4. Immediate support is RM0.960/RM0.900/RM0.855

5. Immediate resistance is RM1.13/RM1.22/RM1.31

6. MY target for next week Monday – Wednesday RM1.20/RM1.32/RM1.45

Guys The SuperBull is Back. You do what is right.

P/S: I have made my trading calls in the past based solely on TA and will continue to do so.

Whatever projections any technical analysts makes can turn out to be absolutely right and it too can also be totally wrong.

I make no apologies.

I am not GOD, and as such, please do not ever refer to me as god. Greatly appreciated.

Stock trading is risk-taking!

If you can’t take risk, it would be best if you don’t trade at all.

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