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I dont not want to brief much here anymore, as investors already know that UWC is specialise in precision engineering service, HOWEVER investor might missed out that they actually involved directly in Covid-19 treatment chain.

As recently all the healthcare or PPE related companies share price mostly already gone up like crazy, so I think this is one of the few Covid-19 healthcare related Gem that havent been discovered yet.

UWC actually invested in healthcare those who miss the healthcare boat dont miss this!!!


UWC’s other medical devices and medical equipment include lifters used for lifting and moving patients, diffusion pumps used to create a vacuum environment in medical research laboratories and humidifiers used to condition gases to treat patients with respiratory illnesses (Covid-19 Symtoms), pulmonary infections and LUNG TISSUE DAMAGE (Covid-19 side effect)

UWC Healthcare a subsidiary company of UWC Holdings Sdn Bhd founded back in 2002, a company that focus on improving healthcare businesses and making sure that those in need will have a better recovery enviroment.

Please refer to the government website, it is stated clearly on their press release: