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As you know, I am staunch supporter of Pharmaniaga (PHARMA - 7081). As vaccine is a sure thing to happen, Pharma is a sure thing to profit from this vaccine bottling and distribution. It is only a matter of time.
We witness how powerful glove company can rally. I believe Pharma also can be this powerful when the vaccine solution arrived.
Today closing RM 4.75 give PHARMA a total market cap of RM 1.24 billion, which I still consider it very cheap.
Even DPHARMA got a higher market cap compared to Pharma although Pharma earning is better. DPHARMA market cap is RM 2.16 billion.
So if PHARMA need to go to RM 2 billion market cap, the share price need to be RM 7.66 to reflect this
I believe PHARMA will continue to see strong uptrend this month especially when QR is coming out.
Based on the latest chart that Pharma is going on, it is matter of time RM 5 will be break out. Consolidation is pointing on breakout happening this couple of days. RM 5 already been test 3 times, I believe 4th time will see a strong break out and many retailer will start chasing it.
Since Pharma is destined for vaccine bottling and distribution to government hospital in Malaysia, and probably Indonesia, it will be good to invest into Pharma to capture the growth. Anything below RM 5 will be a good entry point as break out above RM 5 is very soon technically.