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By Stella Goh

NOVAMSC is a leading provider of ready-to-deploy company, engaged in industry-focused application software and provision of e-business solution and professional services for software customization and implementation in Malaysia and Singapore. The company is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The products in e-government sector include PAVO, a product with various tiers to meet various application type of collaborative transactions over the Internet between the government and the private sectors. For examples, OCTANS, a series of products that support functions, which are carried out by local government organizations, such as city councils, municipal councils, and district councils in controlling and managing land planning and development. While for FORNAX, a product developed to perform automated checks on electronic building plans and development plans against building and land regulations for design compliance.

The company’s products for healthcare sector comprises of VESALUS HIS (Hospital Information System), a platform of choice for patient administration, appointment scheduling, pharmacy, inventory management, operating theatre management, billing and account receivables, and counter collections. While for VESALIUS CIS (Clinical Information System), it supports the daily activities of healthcare professionals, such as doctors, surgeons, nurses and paraclinical staff, as well as ensures the vital clinical information is delivered when needed and intelligent alerts flashed when necessary.

In addition, NOVAMSC also offers services consisting of consultancy, software customization, project implementation, data management training and maintenance.

NOVAMSC bags five-year contract from Singapore’s Health Ministry to deploy AI-based retinal screening product

The indirect subsidiary of NOVAMSC, known as EyRIS Pte Ltd has bagged a five-year contract from Singapore’s Ministry of Health for the deployment for SELENA+, EyRIS’ first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based product. The company is expected to deliver a “tremendous” recurring income over the long run but there is no value was disclosed for this newly awarded contract.

SELENA+ was jointly developed by a research team from Singapore National Eye Centre’s Singapore Eye Research Institute and the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing. It is able to reduce the time needed to spot the signs of diabetic eyes diseases, namely diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration.

According to the group Chief Executive Officer Lai Teik Kin, the intelligent deep learning system by SELENA+ can perform automated image analysis of retinal images with results in mere seconds, which is much faster than the best trained human graders. Moreover, there is always a chance of human error, which can be prevented with SELENA+. This project is expected to go live in November 2020 as part of Singapore’s national screening program and it will initially be deployed to screen 120,000 patients annually. This award is not only a milestone for Singapore but also the world’s first in showcasing real world adoption of an AI-based medical device in national screening programme.

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