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By Stella Goh

Mesiniaga was established on 17 December 1981 and is based in Shah Alam. The company distributes a range of information technology products and some related services such as business development, provision of management training and consulting services in strategic and human resource planning, through the subsidiary.

Mesiniaga trades various IT products under the brand of IBM, Lotus, 3Com, Cisco, SAP, Tivoli, Microsoft and Avaya. The products include computer systems, printers and scanners and networking systems. Meanwhile, software IT products include desktop productivity, office systems, security solution, customized solution and system management. The company also provides IT services such as application development, education and training, system development and workgroup solutions.

Mesiniaga Berhad also operates as a service provider for IBM, Lexmark and other major principals. The services include product supports such as hardware and networking systems maintenance for the major brand names that the company represents.

Mesiniaga secured RM24.18mil contract from TNB

Mesiniaga Berhad wins a contract worth RM24.18 million from Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). The Information Technology (IT) system integrator and solution provider had accepted a letter of award from TNB for the supply, installation, configuration, testing, commissioning and migration of existing services of the TNB Industrial Control System (ICS) IP / MPLS Network (Phase 2). The contract shall have commenced on 10 September 2020 and is expected to complete by 9 September 2022.

The proposed transaction will bring positive effect on the company’s net assets for 31 Dec 2020. However, the contract is not likely to have an effect on the dividend policy, gearing, sharing capital and the substantial shareholder’s in the company for FY2020.

Mesiniaga accepts RM42mil contract from the Customs

Mesiniaga Berhad has accepted a letter of award from Royal Malaysian Customs Department for the provision of MYGST maintenance system and license renewal services. This contract will commence from 16 October 2020 and is expected to complete by 15 October 2022. The job is expected to contribute positively to the company’s earnings over the period of the contract.

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