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 Do you know that if you have a savings/current account with Bank Islam (BIMB), you can link your SSPN-i account(s) to your ATM card that linked with your savings/current account, and then you can manage your SSPN-i account from Bank Islam's online banking website and/or ATM machine.

However, you cannot manage your SSPN-i account with Bank Islam's mobile app yet, as the function is not available in the app.

You can apply to link your SSPN-i account with your Bank Islam ATM card either at the teller counter or at the ATM machine.

After successful linkage with SSPN-i, you will be able to see the SSPN-i option in the My Accounts menu.

This function will display your up-to-date SSPN-i information, including:
  • Linked account number
  • Depositor's name
  • Beneficiary's name
  • Beneficiary's IC number
  • Available balance
  • Current balance
You can also see SSPN-i option in the Funds Transfer menu. Note that fund transfer involving SSPN-i will incur a bank service charge of RM0.50 per transaction.

The types of fund transfer you can do online including:
  • From your savings/current account to your SSPN-i account (top-up)
  • From your savings/current account to 3rd party SSPN-i account (top-up others)
  • From your SSPN-i account to your savings/current account (withdrawal)
  • From your SSPN-i account to 3rd party savings/current account (withdrawal to others)
  • From one SSPN-i account to another SSPN-i account (transfer)

Similar functions of SSPN-i top-up, withdrawal and transfer can also be done at Bank Islam's ATM machine.

This is a pretty convenient and useful service for you to manage the money in your SSPN-i account(s) by yourself using online method or visiting to the ATM machine, without the need to go for counter service (in the bank, PTPTN office/agent, UTC center, ...)