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The COVID-19, once in a life time pendemic, collapsed many, life or financially, some made their miilions if not billion from the gloves rush. there are about 10 new kids on the block (announcement only still have not seen a piece of glove out of the production line yet), jumping into the glove band wagon.

As a rational investor, i don't normally take a second on those announcement, especially those penny stocks trying to make themselves relevant of quick bucks. MOU or agreement could be rescinded anytime, on mutual agreement.

Mah sing is know for its property development, (normally comes with construction cababilities) but less known for its plastic business. To get the hardware up and running is easy for MS, from drawing to construction and handover of a factory, is what they are good at, to get the machineries and raw material is also not difficult....what is the main part is the right people to get the job done.

There are plenty qualitifed project managers, architects, consultants, sub contractors, but to get a good GM and Factory Manager to commission and run the gloves production lines to meet the market is no easy task, they would be short supplied at these time and MS should the right candidate NOW.

Sales network ? does MS has the right sales channel ? can they command the same ASP as the othe big 4? may be not ! but given the supply over demand, a good reasonable ASP could be expected.....!!!from the future production capacity, any i3 follower should be able to calculate the future QTR earning and PE and TP...yes, MS is not making good money in the last many QTR, in fact not my investment target so far.

Share investment is all about future, historical data is only for reference and does not guarantee the future performance (sounds familiar right ?) if you believe MS will get the production line up and running, then make up your mind as well.

The big 4 gloves and the existing small 4, their prices are in fact forward prices, those expert on the i3 knows them by heart, invest for tomorrow, the passed qtr results are just the indicators of the passed, as they believe the pass will repeat in the future, (at least the next imminent qtr), therefore look FORWARD.

If MS does provide any indicator (indicator out of those usual financial indicator like PE, PAT or ROI etc) that the golves production is imminent......then look FORWARD.

It might not be the last to jump into the glove rush, but out of the handfull, this new kid does make my head turn.