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 [KAWAN FOOD BHD:国内,欧洲,北美,大洋洲和非洲市场的需求增加]

2Q20 vs 2Q19:

2Q20 vs 1Q20:

KAWAN在Pulau Indah的新工厂提高了生产效率,从而提高了产品利润率。除此之外,通过持续的成本优化和自动化解决方案活动,他们的生产效率提高了产量。佳源食品已将资本支出分配给安装太阳能电池板系统。太阳能的使用将减少功耗,从而有助于更可持续的能源使用。

他们看到了Covid-19之前从未见过的新订单和新消费的出现。佳源食品的订单量正在增加,这主要归因于行动控制令(MCO),消费者倾向于在家中多吃东西,并且他们的产品为他们提供了便捷的解决方案。他们已经能够采取措施缓解病毒,并简化生产过程以应对更多订单。随着全球经济迎头赶上,他们将继续密切关注关键发展。 KAWAN仍然对其前景持谨慎乐观的态度。拥有RTE(即食)消费习惯的年轻在职成年人和千禧一代的人口不断增长,是推动全球和本地冷冻食品业务收入增长的一些因素。
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[KAWAN FOOD BHD: rising demand in Domestic, Europe, North America, Oceania and Africa market]

2Q20 vs 2Q19:
For the 2Q 2020, the Group achieved revenue of RM79.3 million, an increase of 38.7% as compared to corresponding quarter of RM57.2 million. The increase in revenue were mainly due to rising demand in Domestic, Europe, North America, Oceania and Africa market. The Group's profit after tax increased by 221.0% (RM6.1 million) from RM2.7 million in 2Q 2019 to RM8.8 million in 2Q 2020. The increase was principally due to production efficiency, stronger US Dollars against Ringgit Malaysia and higher sales revenue.

2Q20 vs 1Q20:
For the current quarter under review, the Group achieved revenue of RM79.3 million, an increase of 47.9% from the preceding quarter of RM53.6 million, principally attributable to stronger sales demand during Movement Control Order ("MCO") in the current quarter. With the higher revenue attained, the Group reported a higher profit after tax of 33.6% from RM6.6 million in preceding quarter to RM8.8 million in current quarter.

KAWAN's new plant in Pulau Indah has achieved greater production efficiency which resulted in improved product margins. In addition to that, with on-going cost optimisation and automation solution activities, their production effeciency has achieved higher yields. The group had allocated capital expenditure for the installation of a solar panel system. The use of solar energy would decrease the power consumption and thus contributing to a more sustainable energy usage.

They are seeing the emergence of new orders and new consumption not previously seen prior to Covid-19. The Group is experiencing increase in volume of orders mainly due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) where consumers tend to eat more at home and that their products provide them a convenient solution. They have been able to mitigate the virus with measures and streamline their production to cope with the additional orders. They will continue to monitor the key developments closely as the global economy rides out the head winds in the horizon. KAWAN is still cautiously optimistic in its outlook; the growing population of young working adults and millennials with RTE (ready-to-eat) consumption habits are some of the factors that are expected to fuel revenue growth of the global and local frozen food business.
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