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Despite the worsening virus situation, bleak economic outlook, and the working class worrying a retrenchment, you may be surprised to hear that the interest in purchasing a new car or a new property in reaching a new high.

From the chart created by iSquare Intelligence show that the numbers of loan applied for the purpose of purchasing property and for the purpose of purchasing a car is reaching a high that we had not seen since the year 2013. Loan applied is an indicator to determine public sentiment. A higher number of loan applied means that the public is more confident in the future and is comfortable to take up a loan to make such a purchase.

One of the reasons could be the “K-Shape recovery” that we are facing. Another reason could be the wealth effect that leads to public spending more due to the recent rhetoric rise in the local stock market.

End of the day, with interest rate charting new low and Central banks flushing out tonnes of money, buying a property by taking up a loan is one of the easiest ways to hedge against inflation and to protect your wealth from being eroded.