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 By now, most of you here would probably know that the company is collaborating with a US company to produce a vaccine for this ongoing pandemic.

What really intrigued me was the company is only funding US$1 million for this vaccine research. Got so cheap or not??

Generally, you and I are no medical professional and know nuts about medical treatment. Nonetheless, personally, I am a curious investor and the only source of info is via online reading materials. And hence, I did abit of my findings. (Thanks to @pBlue for also sharing a site for me to refer)

So the first question is: Can this poliovaccine really work against covid treatment?
In short, no proven studies yet, but scientists believe it is plausible. Here are their rationales.
1) Both poliovirus and coronavirus are positive-strand RNA viruses; therefore, it is likely that they may induce and be affected by common innate immunity mechanisms
2) By using Poliovaccine, it would enable one to trigger an immune response to develop antibodies specific to the pathogen, such as the previous virus, SARS-Cov 2. However, they believe is just a temporary immune boost. So the keyword is Temporary. Imagine if we can walk freely for a year without the fear of transmission, ok ma isn’t?
3) Safety. Using existing vaccines is safer due to track record of safety

The next question would be: If poliovaccine is effective, why do people still getting covid 19?
To be honest, I can’t find any studies or news but my suspicion was, what if the poliovaccine has a protection period? The only info I found was from a UK healthcare called “Superdrug Health Clinic”. According to them, the vaccine only lasts for 10 years and one should get another after 10 years. I am uncertain about this fact as “Booster” and “Vaccine” may have different usage. However, hypothetically, if one requires another jab after 10 years, that explains why children are less prone as compared to the elderly in regards to contracting the covid 19 virus.

That being said, it is worth noting that this poliovaccine is not the panacea for all of us. It is far too early to conclude as more clinical trials should be done. But if the company or its US counterpart DID manage to pass its clinical trial or getting FDA approval, it would definitely be good news to all, especially the investors.

In my next piece, I will try to find more info on the company’s credential / track record in relation to healthcare. Stay tuned !

Disclaimer: the write up is for discussion purposes and not inducing any buy/sell call. I hope everyone would discuss sensibly