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Watch here if you are interested to know how these companies performed during Q2 2020.

1. Airasia
2. Kossan
3. JFTech
4. N2N
5. Serbadk
6. Gdex
[Daily Highlight] Do you know Dpharma warrant (DPharma-CD) nearly limit up by gaining 200% in a day? Ultimately when majority of the stocks are not in the "highlight of the day" while the only sector that still gaining was pharma related stocks (excluding others like greatech, kawanfood etc), you can already guess that the flow of funds will highly likely rush into pharma stocks.
And if you catch the waves today, congratulations but beware that now is just hype for pharma without any contract for fill & finish of vaccine in place, therefore in our opinion the valuation is considered high at current stage.
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