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There is a listed company with the following balance sheet:

What is not known to many minority shareholders is the amount of RM114.9 millions in its Other Investments.
In a recently company announcement dated 31 July 2019, the following was disclosed.

Recent performance of the above stocks:

Simple calculation shows that the company’s value of Apple shares worth: 40,000 * 246.58 * 4.2 = RM41,425,440.00
NVIDIA à 21,000 * 204.54 * 4.2 = RM18,040,428.00
Facebook à 25,000 * 187.89 * 4.2 = RM19,728,450.00
Alibaba à 5,000 * 174.31 * 4.2 = RM3,660,510.00
Subtotal of these foreign share investments worth RM82,854,828.00.

During the period from 6 December 2018 to 14 October 2019, it disposed certain quoted securities for cash and wishes to make this Announcement.

The cash from the sale of these shares were RM33,434,303.00.

Note: As noted in its 2019 annual report, it owned Shares quoted in Malaysia that worth RM31,889,907.00.
Simple calculation shows that, as of 26-10-2019, it has paper gain amounted to about RM18 million from its investment in Apple share!

The hidden value of this listed company is now partially made known to the public, but the stock is still a hidden gem, at least to me.

Just for sharing.