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Position yourself early for the greatest business wave.

Yes GLOVE THEME PLAY is so powerful though.

Hold your up-trending stocks GLOVES, these r your only few HORSES available in KLSE that is ranning FAST n faster this year.

Be like a successful horse.racing breeder. Keep all the fast runners n throw away horses that can't ran !

UPTREND is our friend, we must embrace COMFORT n SUPERMX tightly for this full year ...
Have confidence in Giant HARTA n TOPGLOV. Both will provide guidance all the way for the theme.

i. There r 2 cycles per year. Last UP cycle was from Oct 2019 to Feb 2020 n U know those past winning stocks.
Every cycle has completely different stock names, stocks never mentioned in last 19/20 cycle have potential to shine bright. The cut above winner is GLOVES now.

Most stock-run lasts 1 cycle.
Recent past great winning stocks with 2 cycles were FRONTKN, PENTA n DAYANG.
GLOVES r now into Form 3. V sure they will go to complete Form 6 n take 2 to 3 months in preparation for pre-U exam.  
V likely GLOVES will pass again then with flying colors to enter 4 yr UNI. n with good luck they could do Master n or PhD.
So wonderful times ahead in GLOVES investing ...

ii. Uncle KYY might write to tell it's so easy to play COMFORT than dayang.
In a CORNERED-CONDITION, COMFORT just flies up by itself. Its speed n quantum of rise per day is expected to increase further going forward ...

Always remember this if u r stock investors, don't get angry so easily.
U lose investing power when u r angry:
KISS, keep it simple smarto:
a. STOCK value rises bcos of strong FUNDAMENTAL with certainty of high earnings growth.
b. With more funds n also high net-worth players buying, stocks fly UP crazzzily ...