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May 4, 2020 9:41 AM | Report Abuse

In KLSE, buy what mr market wants to play up every cycle.

BIG money is in mkt favorite stocks n not in stocks u love n know so much about.
U can win BIG every year with pureBull stocks at right timing in this way.
How nice with minimum holding time required. n chances r with all stocks in the portfolio showing good profits.
From News flow we can guess what biz will do well.
n therefore buy the stocks in the biz, hence a huge demand is created by all stock players to willingly spend their money to buy these stocks.
With this impetus, these stocks fly up n UP ...

SUPERMX n COMFORT like harta n topglov, were once GREAT winning stocks n they will be now at every growing stage.

My GURU advised:
What had happened will happen again n again for perpetual growing plc especially GLOVES, the pride of msia.
Played by human beings, all great winning stocks have the same explosive behavioral habit each time they fly...

Make doubly sure the stocks u r still holding now
i.  were once the great winning stocks before n
ii. r in pure UP-trending i.e. in the running for Major 1 n strategically at 3 n or 5.
If not, they r slow movers n surely can't outperform the mkt for u.
iii. At anytime when a past great winning stock goes new recent high, it will go much HIGHER exponentially to the new blue sky n beyond ...
HIStory repeats ...