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Since its CMCO at our area, I choose to stay at home and hold a Zoom meeting with my Uncle and see how is his latest views for the stock market.

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I hope everyone stay at home at avoid going to crowded places as we all know, covid cases been rise rapidly in our country.

Might lost control if we dont try to avoid it.


So below are some of our conversation :

Me : Hi Uncle, how are you? Must be very boring since CMCO again !
Him: Its still ok, you know that my retired life, most of the time stay at home, relax watching my kois now.

Me: So nice to have your life uncle! Many really so sick about it as affect theirs life due to this COVID-19.
Him: Life is all about choices and some time fate. If they know about stock market, they could be able to change their destiny.

Me: Its true, but not all are lucky like me, many in the stock market also losing badly, thanks to have you uncle to guide me through.
Him: Yes, no worry.

Me: Uncle, USA election is getting near, do you think it will affect our market?
Him: Yes, but wont be long, just a temporary event. Companies, investor, fund they still need to do their jobs. So just focus on those company that's potential and have fund flow in.

Me: I must agree that, no matter who win, we still need to move on our life, COVID still will be around.
Him: Yes, that's why your gloves stock continue to move up last week.

Me: Yes !! TOPGLOV just break new high last week finally ! Hopefully this week will go higher again since COVID cases hitting new high in so many western countries. 

Him: Sure will, just be patience with it.

Me: I will, since already hold for a while, few more days or week doens't matter, just let the profit run !
Him: Good to see that you on the right path.

Me: Must thank to you uncle, so many comments claim that gloves is dead, it wont come back anymore or its over values already. Finally TOPGLOV prove to everyone that the story hasnt end yet.
Him: Its very normal, market always tend to think that stock that move up a lot going to be pump and dump, or wont able to sustain, this round, it's not like the normal cases at least for now, I expecting gloves to continue at least for another one or two quarter before it reach the peak or slow down.

Me: Ok noted uncle.
Him: If you look at last week stock movement, many second liner healthcare stocks actually just want to make new trend up, if this week able to break higher up.

Me: Wow really uncle, mind to share?
Him: Sure, those are like CAREPLS, COMFORT, NOTION, LKL, TEKSENG.

Me: Ok Uncle, I will have a look.
Him: They all looks similar, if this week able to break the resistant, then will be strong, more fund will flow in.

Me: Wow ok, I must also pay attention to it already, beside just watching my TOPGLOV and SUPERMX. Thank you uncle!
Him: Welcome, see you soon after CMCO.

Me: Ok!

After finish the zoom meeting, I open all the chart and look like all are just breakout and correction two day already. Seems to be good chance to enter if it break the next resistant. Below are the stock chart that mentioned by Uncle:







Above sharing is not to telling you to buy or sell, to buy or sell depends on your own judgement.