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1. LUXCHEM ((5143)
Luxchem has 35% of its products in glove nitrile & glove latex chemicals.

Our investigation showed that LUXCHEM has fully PRESOLD All Its Glove Chemicals by up to Mid 2021.

Its ASP (Average Selling Price) until Mid 2021 has gone up more than 100%.

Producing the same amount of Glove Chemical without additional cost its profits  kept increasing  and now doubling.

These Insiders strong buying also happened in PROLEXUS.

Now that PROLEXUS good results are out people are madly chasing.

Don't chase PROLEXUS now!!

LUXCHEM is a better option. Good results expected to be out soon.

TOPGLOVE, HARTALEGA and others are customers of LUXCHEM.

2. JAYA TIASA (4383)
Jtiasa has 300,000 acres of maturing palm oil in Sarawak.

With CPO Prices reaching Rm2,800 to Rm3,000 a tonne the Profits & Results of Jtiasa will EXPLODE UPWARD SOON.

A check with its last Quarter Result showed GREAT IMPROVEMENTS.

It was rm90 millions in impairments that negated the good results. If not jtiasa will report a good profit.

If we take away the One-Off Impairment of Jtiasa PPE (Property/Plant/Equipment)

There is a profit of 6.47
Annualized 6.47 x 4 = 25.9 sen profit

At 72 sen current closing price of today Jtiasa has a P/E of only 2.77.
Making this the biggest earning plantation.

And there are More Powerful Booster

1) CPO Prices for March to May was Between Rm2,100 to Rm2,300
From June to August CPO prices have gone up to between Rm2,400 and Rm2,600

So it is benefited from CPO price surge (and today CPO is rm3,000 (October 9th 2020)

2) Not only cpo price is up the production has also gone up!!
  • Fresh Fruit Bunches - 114,525 metric tonnes (SEPTEMBER FOR AUGUST QTR)
  • Fresh Fruit Bunches - 117,676 metric tonnes (AUGUST FOR JULY HARVET)
  • Fresh Fruit Bunches - 98,234 metric tonnes (JUNE RESULTS)
  • Total of june, july & august 2020 = 330,435 metric tonnes
Let's look at March to May 2020 Harvests
  • Fresh Fruit Bunches - 73,650 metric tonnes (May 2020)
  • Fresh Fruit Bunches - 66,665 metric tonnes (April 2020)
  • Fresh Fruit Bunches - 55,766 metric tonnes (March 2020)
Total Production from March to May 2020 = 196,081 METRIC TONNES
So this quarter 300,435 metric tonnes compared to last quarter 196,081 metric tonnes

Is up by a whopping 53%

Can we expect jtiasa share price to go into a bull run later?

Yet to be seen

3) Naim (5703). Excellent dividend of 18 sen (rm180 per share is on)
Egm has passed the proposal to sell 2 pieces of lands for rm340 millions.
Now awaiting full payment

Once payment received will come news of dividend

Dividend will be 18 sen as proposed

At closing price of 79 sen with a dividend of 18 sen means a yield of 22.7%

This is very excellent indeed many investors still unaware this is our opportunity  now.

Just as mr. Market chased prolexus after earnings are visible they will also chase naim later when its fantastic dividend becomes visible as well

4. Netx (0020)
Or is out

Each or entitles subscription of 6 rights with 3 free netx warrants
And each right is rm130
So rm130 x 6 = rm780
For rm780 there will be
6 netx shares
3 free netx warrants

Netx is a disruptive tech of the future with huge potential

Calvin Tan

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